Quake Champion has been lurking about in a closed state for some weeks now. Each weekend, it opens its doors and only those deemed worthy (by being selected for the closed beta) are able to dive in and Quake it up.

But this weekend, this weekend is different. Anyone can snag a key and gain access. id Software is dubbing this a tech test, and it will last from now until May 21st. That’s over a week! There are also a couple of other tidbits worth mentioning. Firstly, the NDA is now lifted. So feel free to capture gameplay, in the form of either videos or screenshots, and chat up the game to whomever you like wherever you’d like.

There’s a new game mode, too. Sacrifice. This objective-based mode seems to be a pretty clever combination of both CTF and Control Points. There’s a neutral soul that either team must grab and bring to their obelisk. Keep it there, protect it, and earn progress. Make it to 100% and you gain a point. Gain three points and you win. id intends for this game mode to be the bee’s knees of competitive Quake Champions. So hopefully it doesn’t suck.

So grab a key and get fraggin’.

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