The Quake Champions closed beta is right around the bend, so it’s only natural for Bethesda to start revealing what players can expect from the full package when it launches later this year or next (the game doesn’t have a release date yet).

Tim Willits, Creative Director, revealed in an interview with Polygon that “at its core, it’s a free-to-play game.” What this seems to mean in practical, real people language is that everyone can download Quake Champions and have access to one of the champions, the Ranger,.

From there on, you’ll either have to buy the full game, AKA the Champion Pack, or “rent” other champions on an individual basis with the currency that you can earn in-game. We don’t know much about the cost of any of this, or how long renting a champion will last. But allowing players to pay a 1-time fee to unlock everything the game has to offer is something more games should offer.

Even if their idea of “free-to-play” is more along the lines of a limited free trial, but if you think the game is worth a shot, free or not, then you can sign up for the closed beta for a taste.

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