For those who like a good raid, Blade & Soul’s next update, Rage of the Hive Queen, has just the thing for them to sink their teeth into. Not only that, but the update also marks the return of the Merchant of Wonders, who will be peddling some Halloween-inspired wares.

The updates namesake, the Hive Queen, is a new raid boss by the name of Zulia. She’s hidden somewhere in the Temple of Eluvium. But you can probably find her by killing everything in the raid. She’ll likely be among that carnage somewhere.

Outside of the raid, the Aransu school storyline is also being continued. Now, the once good Great Thrall has been corrupted by evil magics, and the only way for the school to once again have the laughter of children echoing through its halls is for players to give that Thrall, now known as the Vileblood, the what-for.

You can read more about the upcoming content on the Blade & Soul site.

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