GameNGame’s free-to-play MMORPG, Record of Lodoss War Online, which is based on a fantasy book series of the same name, minus the Online part, has received a new update.

There’s a new 40-man raid, adding 4 normal mode and 2 hard mode dungeons. Up to 40 players can band together (but feel free to jump in there with fewer if you feel as though you’re up to the odds) to fight the various bosses within the dungeons.

The patch also implements various fixes for dungeons and labyrinths , as well as the new Mercenary system, perfect for players who want to hire help instead of finding it. The Mercenary system allows players to hire NPC characters to bolster their forces. Some fans of the extended Lodoss War universe will recognize some of these characters as returning faces.

The update is set to arrive December 28th – tomorrow.

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