With any game as popular as Apex Legends – or really, with any online game at all – cheating will be a concern. Battle Royale just happens to throw you in a game mode where any one of 99 other players could potentially be targeting you from across the map and blowing your head clean off.

But Respawn isn’t going to be taking this lightly. In their community update from a few days ago, front and center was info about cheaters (as well as a few other points of interest). As of that post, Respawn had banned over 335k players for cheats of various shapes and forms. That’s really just the beginning, but the developer is being tight-lipped about their plans. That way, they won’t tip their hat and allow cheaters to bypass their methods before they even implement them.

The update also included information about crashes (they’re working on them) and a reconnect feature (not likely to happen).

To read the full update, head over to glorious Reddit.

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