No MMO is truly complete without its fair share of PvE content. Unless, of course, it’s one of those PvP-centric MMOs, but those games abide by a different set of laws, ones not governed by mere men. They’re places where only the hardened among us survive.

Revelation Online, however, will have plenty of PvE content, and by the looks of their newly released trailer, there will be plenty of it for you to sink your teeth into.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is solo dungeons, for those adventurers out there who want to tackle obstacles on their own, but there are 5-man dungeons as well, Those have p to five difficulty levels, and their rewards that scale to go along with it.

On top of all that are world bosses which you must compete with other guilds for the right to battle (that feature sounds like it’s got a hefty dose of PvP mixed in with its PvE)

All in all, it sounds like Revelation Online has quite a lot to do if you prefer to battle the environment over actual players, and if you want an early taste of what the game has to offer, you can sign up for the beta over at their site.

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