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    Worst game ever

    This game is destine to die do not waste your time or money on it. They want you to believe that it has value enough to play so they can keep new players coming in to be farmed by the players that still bother to play. The people playing have all the resources to farm anyone at any level. They maintain fleets of people (by feeding them debris that do not raise their levels so they can build huge fleets at low levels and farm the lower levels people. This makes the so called safety levels irrelevant. There is wide use of illegal scripts being used to track people across galaxies and regions so when they latch on to a new player they destroy everything they have, This sound like fun to anyone. Even the people farming all the new people know the game is a dead end unless something is done to stop certain guilds from the mass cheating that is going on. AVOID THIS GAME IT WILL WASTE YOUR TIME!!!
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