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  1. 2.5



    Big Farm is Big Headache

    This review is based on personal experience.

    Do you like farming games?

    Game is created by Goodgame Studios, an online games company founded in 2009 and based in Hamburg, Germany.

    Goodgame Big Farm is a free-to-play (freemium) farming simulator.

    Game requires flash player, a lot of RAM, is very slow and buggy.
    Customer support is useless.
    Community is great.
    Gameplay is very slow.
    Higher levels require YEARS of playing to achive.
    Game update on 16 August 2017. made many players VERY unhappy. Players are leaving in their droves, as a result.
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  2. arkadiusz.falgowski97



    Average Game, requires more work tho.

    This game is awesome - meaning it's addictive if you enjoy farming games and time killing games... oh well that will be like 1/2 of games made these days. When you hit the stage in game in which you have to wait for something to grow.. the work done in game is repetitive, all the time placing farm land and then placing seeds waiting few minutes for it to grow than doing it all over again. I got bored of it after playing 2 hours.
    GRAPHICS are like in every game about farming from above view, nobody improves it much. You are able to make your easier by playing with friends, they can help you unlock parts of the game that are only reachable for people that spend money on it. This game is FreeToPlay but if you want to get good at it you would have to join its community and invite all of the players to your friend list OR by putting money into it. There isn't many players playing it tho, maybe you will be the next one to play it. I hope this review will be helpful to all of you wanting to try this game out. Peace people!
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