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  1. Xencur



    Note: I have played this game back in 2008 for months, and decided to check the game out almost 10 years later on it's steam debut.


    - Pay2Win. They literally sell gold (alz) in the cash shop, aswell as enchantments and pretty much every ingame item is buyable with real money.
    - High cash shop prices. Is this 2008? It's bad enough that it's a p2w game, but "premium" costs 13$! (same as WoW), costumes 23$. Yep, if you want to look like a cowboy or a schoolgirl that'll be 23$.
    - Very Grindy. Korean mmo. You like those "kill 290 monsters" quests? And grinding millions of monsters to get to max level? Well this is the perfect game for you. To give you an idea, to get a must-have character ability called "Battle Mode 3" you'll need to kill 290 monsters per quest, and you'll have to do it 30 times, that's 8700 monsters you have to kill to get the ability.
    -No hablo inglés. This is Cabal North America, but don't expect to see any american or english speakers. This community is made up of 90% brazilians and latinos who have no idea of how to speak english.
    -Bad Community. Besides the language, everyone seems to have almost 10 years of experience in the game, as well as playing in multiple servers at the same time. This wasn't that bad if they were helpful, but everyone has no patience and just wants to grind till max level and steal your drops.
    -Bad Support. There's only one person in charge of CABAL Steam forums, and he/she only gets around 5 threads per day asking for help, and they still get all unanswered. I've also had an issue for the past 2 weeks, which i contacted support with every information, pictures, and everything they could possibly need, and they didn't do anything.
    -Armor class. Every armor is class locked now. No more heavy bladers or heavy mages, you have to wear what's meant for your class now. This cuts alot of what you could do with stat customization.
    -Dungeons make no sense. To progress in a dungeon you have to do quests, and they consist of "Talk to this bookshelf" "Now go back and talk to this statue" "Now go and talk to a lamp".
    -Different client languages. They have an english and spanish client, which is awesome. The problem is that it is not client based, but server. This means that if someone links a [CRITICAL RING +2] in the chat with a spanish client you'll see [ANILLO DEL ATAQUE CRITICO +2] even if you're playing with the english client. Same thing for the class names, if someone posts something like "Need AA for dungeon last spot!!", you have to guess that AA is "Arqueiro Arcano" which is Spanish for FA "Force Archer".


    - No more 42 minutes maze dungeons in the story quests.
    - Quests now give skill exp, no need to leave your character in the training dummies.
    - Skills are grouped in "attack skill" now. No more Attack/magic separation, and grindind those 2 to transcender.
    - Good leveling up event. You get free premium, free boosters and free items. If you level at a good pace you have everything to enjoy all the good things that the game has to offer.
    -The graphics are still pretty. The skill effects are still up to the best in almost any mmo.
    -Combo mode. This game is known for the combo mode, and It's still fun and challenging as it was years ago.
    -Amazing soundtrack. It goes from chill music in the cities, to hard rock in action zones, it's awesome.
    -GM's appear quite often. They usually show up, announce "GM buff channel9 BI", and you go and get a buff that increases HP and attack for an hour.
    -PVP mmo. You can basically PK or PVP anywhere, which is something that every mmo lacks nowadays. It even has a nice nation system between player factions (Capella vs Procyon), and a channel that allows you to kill people literally anywhere, even in the cities.
    -Frequent Events. So far. since it launched on steam, there is always an event going on.

    I do not recommend this game. Although I have put lots of hours in it, I can assure you it's just nostalgia and the level up event. As soon as the free boosters and items run out, It will be the end for me.
    The event will end on the 22nd of march, and if you didnt play and get to atleast level 150 by then, or if you're not thinking of spending hundreds of $ in Cabal, you'll be completely destroyed by the game.
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  2. 4.0



    You must play this. Give it a chance

    It was one of my favourite mmorpgs in that time. I played this game a lot of time with my friends we manage to create a guild and we had a lot of people in who were active. This game is very funny in some moments and you really need to work for a good gear if you want to be the best.I love it and i am still playing.
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