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  1. spookymcslave



    Fun Game

    Champions Online is a 3D superhero themed fantasy MMORPG set in Millennium City which used to be pay to play with a free trial, but officially went fully free to play with a cash shop and subscriber option on January 25, 2011.I recommend it for gamers with a love for deep character customization and awesome gameplay.


    + Character customisation
    + Comic book artstylye
    + Grinding


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  2. Xencur



    Best Superhero Roleplaying game

    With the sheer number of MMORPG's on the market, it's importnat to make sure you find on that fits. Champions Online will fill that role for some people better than others

    The GOOD

    - Roleplayer's paradise! You can be ANYTHING you can imagine and the lore is set up in such a way that it can make sense. Not to mention the shear number of choices for costumes... The character creator is mind bogglingly open.Time traveller? Sure. Monkey with swords for hands? Go crazy! Wizard from an alternate reality? You could probably start a club. The RP community is very active and it's easy to find partners, even if you don't know anyone.

    - Very easy learning curve. Not only does the game show you everything you need to know to play, but the community is actually quite good. Every community has it's bad apples, but this one is mostly friendly.

    - Freeform System. You may be noticing that many of the good points are about customization. The skill setup is no different. The freeform class option lets you build a custom class. This means choosing your own stats and even which skills you use. You have to pay for this though. Otherwise you can use a wide selection of premade classess. They are pretty good though.

    - Free to play. While there are limitations for free players, which I will discuss below, they do not include anything that prevents you from maxing out. You get two slots for characters for free and you can complete the content all the way to max level.

    - Full Controller Support. Yes, you read that correctly. You can simply plug in an Xbox controller and play. The controls are not amazing, but it is posible to play most of the game without using your keyboard for anything but messages. It's a great addition for those of us that prefer a controller.

    The Meh

    - Graphics, story and sounds are nothing to write home about. I mean, the game looks and sounds great, but there is nothing new going on here. The style leans towards cartoons and comics, which works well for the setting.

    The Bad

    - To really get the most out of your account, you're gonna wanna subscribe. You get 6 more slots, a bunch of classes and access to the freeform system. Plus, the number of costume parts you have access to jumps up alot. Having said that, you got hundreds of parts to start with so it's not really NEEDED unless you really want to get into it.

    - Questing and combat are repettive. It's mostly fetch X or kill Y amount of guys. It's not difficult, just repetetive.

    - Roleplayers can be kinda sleezy. Whle there is LOTS of legitamate RP in this game, there is also alot of questionable people. ERP (Erotic Role Play) is rampant. Luckily, it is a rule that this not be done in public so you will likly only deal with these people when turning them down. Still, it's worth noting that for younger players it can lead to some innapropriate and possibly illegal interactions.


    If you're looking for a groundbreaking game with advanced gameplay, take a pass on this one. However if you're okay with a lighthearted romp as a superhero then give it a try. After all, it's free so what's to loose? If you're a Roleplayer though... DO IT. This game is basically made for you. Jump in and fulfill all your awesome character fantasies. (The legal ones I mean.)
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  3. hunkyhobo




    I played the crap out of this game before the DC and Marvel games came out. It was the best super hero game you could play and so diverse, but then they started micro transactions and the whole thing went to poop town. A good 20ish archtypes to choose from (for free) went down to 5 and the rest you had to pay to unlock. Why do developers insist on destroying good games.
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