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    Another one of those games which play themselves...

    Chaos Online is another one of those browser based games like Chrono Wars or MageRealm which are designed to allow you to play with minimal input, so if you're looking for a hack 'n slash like Diablo (Considering they've got themselves listed "similar" to it), then this game is not for you.

    Chaos Online has 2 classes available for players to select, being the paladin and swordsman. Both of these classes have 5 skills which you can unlock as you play the game, however you only can use 2 of these skills at a time. The other skills available in combat come from your companions, as you level up you'll work your way towards being able to take 5 companions into battle.

    The gameplay in this is pretty dull, for most of it all you need to do is click on a button and the game will do the rest for you, be it walking to a quest NPC or going through the whole PvE area. Though it can be beneficial to manually control your character and when skills get used in some situations, for a majority of the time I've played there was no need to do so.

    As with all the games of this type, there is a pay to win element in it. If you do want to be up with the best then you're going to have to pay to stay up there, otherwise you will fall behind those who pay. On top of that there is also a vitality system (aka stamina) to deal with, so if you do keep playing through the day you'll hit a point where you need to either spend coupons to keep playing or purchase premium currency.

    The game appears to of been run through something to translate it, as there are errors in the text all over the place. While it is still understandable, it would look better if they put effort into fixing this.

    Overall I'd say if you're looking to play a game where you're actively playing then this isn't something for you and there are plenty of better free games out there.

    If you're just looking for something to chuck on a second monitor while you're doing other things then it may be something to consider, as long as you're happy with the fact you won't be getting to the top or staying there without spending cash on it.
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