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  1. spookymcslave



    Kid Friendly Paradise

    Chrono Tales is a free 3D browser MMORPG experience about travelling through time to save your home realm from evil.

    As soon as you you pick your class you are instantly taken into the game, with which a terrible evil broken lose and you are sent back in time to stop this from happening.

    As the quests go on, your character gains experience which allows them to level up and buy certain abilities and crafting mechanisms.

    For a browser game, Chrono Tales has really good graphics, and a beautiful world to experience and make new friends. Every character is fully rendered in 3D, as well as your pets and the monsters in the world around you.

    The gameplay is easy to manage especially for new kid gamers which they would love but don't expect them to let you use the computer after logging into this game again.
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