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  1. 4.0



    NEW and improving

    Game is still in Beta as of this review 7/17. Balancing still progressing, and will continue to do so. Game is Fast and addictive, There is a learning curve, you will be able to catch on quickly. (I did). DESIGN,BUILD and fight your own creations. Free download, Some potential to be BUY to win. IF someone is willing to shell out the money to buy the Elite weapons they will have an advantage over those that just grind theirs. BUT Everything is buildable, given time.... Game play is in quick battles of PvP matches or somewhat longer PvE . Plus other types. Daily,Weekly,Biweekly challenges.... Post-Apocalypse car / flying (if you can build it) (see web) game play , Fast passed and FUN... HECK its a free download, give it a month.
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