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    It's not a sequel, it's a cash grab from a (now dead) company

    Defiance 2050 watered down the EGO system of Defiance 2013, implemented a paywall for players to run in to at full force if they tried to f2p their way through, and recycled so many assets from Defiance 2013 I feel like they should get in legal sh*t for calling it a new game and not a remaster.

    The EGO system was boiled down in to preset loadouts, and f2p players were handicapped in the amount of rewards they gain by playing and the rate of rewards. Do not play this game, steam has the server population count down to 70 current players as of this review and now that Trion has closed and it's assets have been acquired by Gamigo, nobody knows what's going to happen to 2050 OR Defiance 2013
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