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    DMO ... A game for digimon fans ?

    I've always been a huge digimon fan, and sometime when I was surfing the net, I saw an ad of Digimon Masters and think "Oh My God, A Digimon MMO, AMAZING!!!" and decided to play it right away..... unfortunally, turns out that this was not the best decison of my life...
    I downloaded the game and then started to play, right at the start the game seems pretty good, with nice graphics and soundtrack.
    Right at the beggining you can choose between 4 different tamers from Digimon Savers (season 5 of the series), which includes : Masaru (Marcus) , Thoma , Yoshino (Yoshi) and Ikuto (Keenan), after you choose the tamer, you can choose your starter digimon, that can be either Agumon, Gaomon, Lalamon or Falcomon.

    From now, I will divide this review into the good and bad things that the game has to offer:

    Good Points:

    -Graphics: The game is absolutely pretty, with a big variety of scenarios, being all of them beautiful and detailed, also the character models within the game are almost flawless, the tamers, the digimons, the npcs and even the objects in the environment like trees are beautiful.

    -Digimons: This is for you that is a true digimon fan, the number of digimons and evolutive lines that are present in the game is enourmous, it will be no wonder if you find a digimon that you did not knew before playing the game.

    -Soundtrack: The sound track for this game is also pretty nice and it fits the environment you are in.

    Now for the negative points .....

    -Community: The community of this game is pitful, they seem like a bunch of kids that starts to fight and argue with anything.

    -The Hatching System: After you play the game for some time, you will probably want some new digimons besides your starter right ? Well... the thing is , getting one is a real pain, first of all you need to battle the digimon you want at the field until he drops a Digi-egg of his, which has a pretty low drop rate, after that you will need data chips of the respective type of your digi-egg, there is a total of 7 data types : Beast, Dragon, Devil, Plant, Rock, Insectoid and Aquatic, after you got the digi-egg and the datas you can go to the devil machine **Cough Cough** , I mean incubator. This is mainly an issue when it comes to hatching new digimon, there are hatching phases to do so, to hatch a digimon you need to put your egg in the incubator and input data chips of the respective type of the digimon you are trying to hatch, during this process there is a very high chance for the input to fail, and your data chips get eaten in the process, to get things even worse, there is also a chance of your digiegg being destroyed for an unsucessful input, forcing you to get another one. For you to get a new digimon , you need to do 3 sucessful data inputs, but even so, with only 3 inputs your digimon will be weak and small, in order to get stronger digimons, you'll need either 4 inputs (for a normal-sized digimon) or 5 inputs (for a big-sized digimon), and after the third input A_N_Y unsucessful input will result in the destruction of your egg, making it almost impossible for you to get a stronger digimon unless you buy a cash digi-egg that has 100% chance of sucess, and this leads us to the next topic ...........

    -This game is totally pay-to-win: almost everything in this game is obtained by cash, 100% digiegss are cash-only, you need cash even to unlock a Burst Mode, that's right if you don't put cash, there is no way you can evolve your digimon past Ultimate(Mega) level, unless you buy the itens required for it with other players that bought it with cash, also, back in the community, they overprice those things as fuck in the in-game currency, you will have to sell your kidney in the black market to get a burst mode item.

    -Gameplay: The Gameplay is tiring and repetitive, the digimons you have usually have different skills, the only problem is those skills do nothing but raw damage, where are the buffs ? where are the special effects? where are the stat increases when you use a skill ? Plus the quests ALWAYS follow up the same model, it is always either : Kill Digimon "X", Talk to NPC "Y" , drop item "A" by killing digimon "B", there is absolutely no variety.

    Now.. for the worst topic....sadly....

    -T-H-E-R-E--I-S--N-O--P-V-P: That's right folks, there is no pvp in the game, all you can do is complete quests and level up your digimon(with an horrific EXP rate by the way, and this added to the fact you will have to compete with people using bots everywhere you go) , and all of this work for what ? Well.. nothing, just to look cool... you can't even put your growed-up digimon to battle against other tamer's digimons. This makes the game a "Level-up Simulator".

    That is it for the review, the game seems nice at first, but after some playtime it becomes the living hell to play, in my opinion this game is an dishonor to the digimon franchise.
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