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    I've been playing Drakensang Online since he came out so I can tel you that yes! This is better than runescape (I'm sorry Runescape lovers.. But it's true). And yes I also stoped playing for a few months but only because my friends used to be all into Runescape.
    Runescape is also a good game but guys please... I can't run that thing in my computer without lagging like a boss! The only way I had to play Runescape was by using my friend's computers on "gaming nights at someone's house", yes we do that a lot, it's fun! Now... The real talk about the game it self.
    When it comes to the graphics I can tell you that they are great! But as far as I remember they used to be better... The game had some updates like every games in the world.. This changes happened while I was taking the break so I can't say that they lowered the graphics or not but they seem different now.. Anyway they still have high quality and the best thing about it is that you just don't lag at this game! I never laged and I play in a "calculator" with a bad connection (2 brothers and 1 parent addicted to candy crush on facebook messing my internet all the time) so I gave graphics 4 stars, just because I remember that they seemed better.
    Now the gameplay.. Well the gameplay is nice but you can't compare it to games like Jade Dynasty where you are moving really fast all the time! You play a lot with your keyboard and that is something I like. If I wanted to play with the mouse I would play CS:GO! But I just gave it 3 stars and this is because for new players the gameplay will look a litle steady.. You can't atack while moving so you must stand still to atack making easy to target you but after a lot of practice everyone will be able to atack and move really fast. But you can't atack while moving and that is a big down side in my opinion so that's why I gave gameplay only 3 stars.
    I rated 3 stars to the community for 1 simple reason. I play with my friends and I don't care about the chat that much because the people I need to talk with are on the Raidcall talking with me. But I don't see anybody wishing cancer on the chat like they do in League of Legends or anything like that so I gave community 3 stars just because they aren't toxic. But I don't have any link with anyone else but my friends in game so I can't say that every player is an angle that will help you right away if you ask something and this is why there are 2 stars missing.
    You have 4 heroes to pick from (One fighter, one mage, one archer and one badass bomber! He's not a plane tho! He's just a fat short guy with a big gun), you may think that is just a few characters but when I started playing there were only 2 characters and mate, 4 is enough trust me. I'm sure you'll find one heroe that you'll relate with.
    The game doesn't need that much from your computer but please don't go play it with 512mb RAM! Not even minecraft runs on that!
    Like any other game they have gold that you earn by killing the monsters and spend in your gear and also have a different kind of money that you have to buy with real money but don't be afraid! You can drop this things randomly so if you save them and play on a regular basis you can make a ton of this for free!
    Just one final thing about Drakensang Online, yes he was 100% browser game a long time ago but they had to make some changes (I think it was because of Google Chrome) and now you actualy have to download it to your computer but that isn't a big deal because the download won't take more than 10 minuts. So yes! You should give Drakensang Online a try if you like this kind of games.
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