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    Eden Eternal an endless journey

    Eden Eternal (EE) is another Aeria games' MMORPG with anime styled graphics. I played this game 3 years ago and quited it when level cap was 65. now it is 90 or something. So be warned some of my point may become obsolate.

    Good Points: You can change your class instantly, in a dungeon or when leveling in the map. The game has a very unique class system, you have 2 type of level. One is caracter and other is class level. When you change class your caracter level stays same and you change to other class. For instance if you want to create a templar class, you have to be at 60 caracter level and 50 cleric and 50 paladin. Then you unlock templar at level 1 and level it up and gear it up. With this system if you want a cleric or a tank for a dungeon you can just change class before the dungeon and weapons/shield and voila you are now ready to do the dungeon. This system is really makes you love the game if you can get bored of a class quickly. Other than class system crafting and achievement systems are one of the most detailed and rewarding ones in the all MMORPGs out there. With every 20 achievement or so you get little permenant buffs to your caracter. There was 2-3 thousands of achievements when i quitted the game so yeah it was pretty fun to collect all trophies from bosses and slay all epic monsters hunt down all world bosses. There are many pvp choices in game such as guild fights (something like 200v200 or 200 op guyz vs 200 afks) arenas(5v5, 3v3, 20v20) and also duels (obviously1v1).

    Bad: You can never catch up old players. Never. In arena there is always an old player with ultimate weapons and achievements, just 1 hit KO s you with CLERIC. yeah you read it right. Mages can 1 hit you too but it is too common so you will get used to it but clerics, templars, hunters with 1 hit KOs you just feel like garbage. This sole reason made me drop the pvp part of the game. Then slowly i started to enjoy less and less of the pve since it is generally the same things over and over and i quitted it after playing for solid 3 years.

    To sum up: If you are looking for an anime styled MMORPG with low spec computer friendly , if you like collecting trophies, hunting epic monsters hidden in some corner of the map, collecting every achievement crafting and trading items when playing a game, then absolutely go for it. If you like pvp too much, you need some time to do some really solid work in arenas, so it is up to your patience.
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