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    Old but gold

    Fiesta online is an old mmorpg game which you can see on the graphics, but the gameplay is fun and the community is great! There's traditional questing, crafting, and raid-like instances called kingdom quests, which are really fun and also challenging.
    There's the traditional classes like fighter, mage, archer and cleric, but also dual wielders and a hybrid type, weilding a sword, but able to use magic as well.
    Unfortunately over the years the in-game economy has exploded, which means that unless you use real money on the game, or work hard, you won't be able to afford good gear others have crafted, and in this sense, the game has become sort of "pay to win", even though it's mostly PVE. It basically means that players who just play the game and don't work hard to get money and gear, might have difficulty finding party for raids, which become important at higher levels.
    The guild and academy system in the game is great at making the game more social, and the academy reward system is a way for new players to be able to earn cash, so it's not all bad.
    The variety in landscape is pretty good, differing from area to area. The variety in enemies is also pretty good, but with "upgraded" versions like many games have, having "slimes" as a low level enemy, and then "golden slimes" as a higher level enemy. This goes for many other enemies too, some changing names, and some just adding more to the name.
    The skills in the game is varying from simple strikes to flashy skills making a fireball drop from the sky. The clothing you wear differs from level to level, but not anything flashy.

    Overall, if you want a chill mmorpg game with a nice community and don't care too much about the graphics, you might want to consider trying "Fiesta Online"
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