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    Well here it is!

    I started playing F2P games online since I got my first computer,from flash games to games that you have to download I thought they were all great just for the reason they were free. The first game I am going to review is going to Get Amped 2 its an evolution from Splash Fighters.Its a brawler game that a lot of variety.You had you're own little fighter character with its own little class and you could customize it with different gear to give it powers.The game play was more or less like a 2.5 D SuperSmashBros but you didn't just win by getting someone to fall off the map.You could also kill them by depleting their health.It was a really nice fighter concept,it was so addictive and it even and adventure mode that was kind of a story mode and they were really challenging and team based but you all got rewards if you beat them.The only downside of the game that I can remember was that it was a bit pay to win.Not all items were free but some of them were really OP and others that have $ abused that against the F2P people.But that was not a big problem because they game was actually SKILL BASED.I remember me bit.ching about how I can't beat some people with the gear they had but I learned a lot by playing and losing against them.I started beating them with the FREE NOOB GEAR THAT YOU GET AT THE START THAT ONLY GIVES YOU AUTOBLOCK.I used a lot of combos with weapons but the gear were the main thing that made other people so OP.But when I good enough I felt so bad ass destroying them in their P2W pride and joy with just the basic gear of a blocking badge and a baseball bat. The game was really really good and popular at some didn't last for such a long time...maybe 2 or 3 years or was because of the game developers not releasing enough content and making only P2P content...all the new gear was P2W and P2P so once you obtained all the free and earn them items...there is just nothing left to do...I had fun for it for a while until the PTP/PTW GEAR demoralized new players and it lost its popularity.I still like the game...I still hate the game developers for what they did...and I still want to play that game again...if ever a third version comes out since brawlers aren't popular anymore as they used to be... Well that's it for my first review ^_^! I really hope I do get at least one of the steam codes just so I see what game it is.If its one I already got I will just give it to one of my friends!
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