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  1. xyloxeno



    Gunslingers 1 of very few Turn Based Games thats worth giving a try

    Game has a good community, is easy as to learn & is one of very few turn based games I will even look at. (I like real time PVP generally with games like EVE Online, World of Tanks etc so Turn Based games have to be good to hold my interest)

    It isn't full of Eye Candy but it does keep you entertained. Characters in the game have skill sets & are able to be fully upgraded with better weapons & Clothes/armor etc.

    Has a daily Reward System that gives everything from Minerals, Ingame Currency & Gold (cash brought ingame currency)
    The game is very light as far as the amount of space it needs if you decide to use the mini-client & it can also be played straight from your browser if you don't want to have to install anything.
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