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  1. 4.0



    One of the bests!

    The Ikariam Graphics are funny and colorfull so there is no way to say "this looks so ugly!" and guess what?! They have animations! On the other hand they abuse on the animations and it's just a few that will repeat all the time and that make it look like "the same video you watch over and over again untill you get bored" so I gave it only 4 stars.
    Now the gameplay is really cool because it is easy to understand and not that complex at all. Also they have the moral system that can change the battle all the way through the rounds. That is also one more thing that I like! You don't just atack and the battle happens in less than 1 second and then your troops come back if you win. Also you have to pay your army to defend your city and go to war so it feels a litle more like real life than other games.
    And the comunity is also nice! You can make friends on your island and make that island yours! Create one alliance and control more islands!
    Ikariam is really fun so maybe you should try it out.
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