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    One of the very solid CCGs

    I've played a lot in Infinity Wars. I've completed Academy and campaign.
    First of all, I'm in love in their small feature as animated pictures on the cards. When you hover your mouse over the card, the picture on it become animated. Animation is simple, but still it give nice feeling and make cards more valuable for you (well, for me - for sure :D)
    Otherwise, the game is pretty solid. It is similar to famous Magic: The Gathering, but have not colors, but factions.
    You create your deck by choosing 3 generals (can be any creature cards). These generals determines your deck align: some cards have different conditions, that need to be fulfilled if you want to add them to your deck, like have two generals from the same faction (or maybe even all 3 of them). Some cards have nice synergy with each other, some - with cards from different factions.
    You may try different premade decks, or even buy them from the store, you may watch, what decks was best in the tournaments. You have daily- login reward - and rewards for various quests and achievements.
    Shop is nice too - it's not P2W, most necessary things (like card boosters) can be bought for in-game currency, but some cosmetic items (like card backs) - only for premium currency.
    The game is worth to play and spend some time in. It have depth, if you have time and desire to master it.
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