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    Lineage 2, the best game of the past

    Who remembers countless forum threads about Lineage 2 vs WoW ?

    Well i do ! 2003, was the GOLDEN year for this game.

    Lots of good memories and grind was there. Also this was one of the first Open world PVP games I've played at that time. It was so awesome that i could kill anyone and practicly everywhere (exept towns).

    This game has changed so much now. Lineage 2 has somewhat relived all it's updates and patches. Till the version High Five Lineage 2 was playable and even enjoyable but after they launched Goddess of Destruction it all turned to crap....

    That was the biggest mistake in all Lineage 2 update history.

    Though i think that Unreal 2 engine is so old and unoptimized (still for Lineage 2) I still encourage people to try new Lineage 2 Classic, it's oldschool, hardcore but in someway more easier.

    Mass Open World PVP
    Great oldschool crafting system
    Hero system - Olympiad

    Old game engine
    Tab targeting

    Still love and respect this game !
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