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    You cant rate the community in this game

    Why? Because you should nt take this game serious! Instead we rate the game!

    I played Magicka, with a friend, my enemy, my frenemy! I played Wizard wars and Magicka 2! Magicka = best game to get drunk and laugh your a** of - Wizard wars is not bad its a MOBA (more for consoles) i bet they just made this game to prepare themselves for magicka 2 because the controls and the gameplay for magicka 2 is really made for consoles which really sucks as a fan of the first game. I recommend to play all especially the first one! Im sorry that it looks like i miss the topic but you have to understand the magicka universe. In every game there is friendly fire! The most time you will blow up your friends, on purpose or by accident. It doesnt matter its magicka! Just watch the pvp trailer and you are good to go!
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