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  1. Zaazka



    It is a decent game

    I have played this for a couple of weeks now and have to say that it’s a decent game. There are bunches of quests. The leveling system isn’t easy or hard. If you’re a casual gamer, then you can leave and come back whenever without worrying about losing out on anything. The English translations for the quests can be confusing, but fun to read out loud. Some quests take a little digging to figure out what to do, which I found challenging. The crafting system is a bit generic. I haven’t spent too much time with it yet because you have to have blueprints to craft, and blueprints drop off of mobs. I haven’t had the luck of finding that many yet, or finding where to farm for them anyway. There is a cash shop, but I don’t really see a reason to use it. The PvP is rather none existent on the American server. I am not sure how fun it would be. but I am not a big PvP player in games like this anyway. You hardly see any chat going on in the chat box. That’s either because players are all using voice chat, everyone is private or guild chatting, or the server isn’t very populated. After quit a few hours of game play I am only level 25 and I think the level cap is level 60 so There is plenty left to do.
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