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    A very bad game

    This game allows every exploit and will allow you to gank and harass new players. I seen it were they allowed a guy on in game voice tell a woman that sound 13 that she could be his asian whore and give him a blowjob or die. This game should be shut down and the company should be under investigation. DO NOT play this game because it is a joke and you will waste your money
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  2. 4.5



    Probably the best sandbox mmo 2017

    Did you like Ultima Online, Star Wars galaxies pre ECU, Tibia or any of those real hard core sandbox mmo. Then this is the game you been looking for. You will recognize the spirit and some of the features in MO.

    Its totally unique as the best sandbox first person mmo on the market.
    It holds most features yet to be seen in any mmorpg.

    This is a truly amazing game. You will die and you will lose stuff but as you learn the game you will die less and make more. you just got to remember to only travel and carry things you can replace. alot of people who try the game never leave the starter town. they die and quit. its not a easy game. the world is massive and has loads of places to explore and you can have Player to player experiences like no other game.

    look for a guild. the game doesnt just tell you were to get things. joining a guild is a great way to get knowledge from other players and become viable to defend yourself and make things for yourself sooner.

    10/10 the greatest MMO ive played. i have way more hours in this game than steam says as i rarely play it with steam open or even use steam and have played it for years before it was on steam. there is bi-weekly bug fixes and it has some of the friendliest Devs ive seen in a game

    give it a try and dont just stay in the first town. explore naked. visit towns. talk to people. dont let the griefers and player killers get you down. skill up join people and practice so you can avoid and kill them.

    The review above is a bit wrong, (lol its even lexorn, he got caught for duping and banned, you deserve the ban Lexorn so stop the nonsense please. He plaid for several years and loved the game, but had to start cheating by duping and got caught. Funny..) There is no corruption in MO, only people getting caught for cheating that of course gets banned call them corrupt when they loose their rights to play the game. This is good, so the game dont support any cheaters. In beta stage they had volunteer and some players as GM, that turned out they cheated so they were removed and since then they have an external professional GM staff team that handle the players very well. Doesnt req much brain to read through the haters or cheaters that got caught for cheating and banned. They tend to write bad about the game and have to mention corruption in the team, which is ridiculous. Play it and judge for your self.

    Whats good is that it has an unlimited trial, so go test it for your self, but give it some time until it sunk in as your most favorite sandbox mmo in all time. When you You can maximize your char on free trial, and can chose to subscribe to unlock all content, such as thievery, building houses and maximize the effect of all skills. You keep all progression even when you go back to free trial, and can chose to sub whenever you want to.
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  3. Xencur



    It's meh,

    I have been playing this game since 2010 and have seen many phases of development; the current build of Mortal Online is at least playable and at times fun.

    The real criticism I want to put forward here is not about the game, necessarily. Throughout the years there has been an overwhelming amount of GM corruption and Donator favoritism. For those of you who don’t know the game allows for player donations and for stalk-purchases of the company—which has allowed for certain guilds to control roughly 36% of the company. Now you as the reader may be thinking that this is uncanny but surely it wouldn’t translate to real in-game benefits such as pay-to-win, right? Wrong. Wrong 1000x over, wrong. Those groups who control real life assets in the company or have donated real life money in the thousands of dollars, are practically un-banable. They are able to use third party programs and despite consistent outcry from the community it has been obvious exactly how much the real money talks louder than their player base.

    The next criticism is about the GM’s themselves. Over the years they have killed players for no reason on countless occasions without recompense. They are themselves in guilds and scout out players and siege equipment in order to protect their assets and when those groups are unable to be killed with the prior notice and the inevitable zerg then their assets get rolled back. They will ban you for arguing your point of view; either in-game, on the forums, or in IRC/TS. They have and continue to jail people, essentially teleporting a player to a cell where they are unable to play the game, and leave them there for hours without explanation. With video evidence of bugs or hackers the GM staff does absolutely nothing. Bug reports have been given by countless players about broken mechanics, dupes, and so much more which go unfixed for years. The most recent dupe in-game has been around since 2010 and you can imagine the countless amounts of materials and gold gained by players throughout the years that will never be removed and for the love of dark-side cookies there are many many many more issues which I honestly don’t feel inclined to waste my time writing about.

    In total sum, it’s not the game in that of itself which is unplayable and therefore the reason for my bad review but the constant favoritism and abuse by the game staff which has been pervasive and rampant for 5 years with little indication that it will end.

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