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    setting the record straight

    Ok so onigiri...Ive been playing this game for about five months now and i feel like i should be honest with you regarding the good and bad in this game.

    To start the story is fantastic and is very unique and interesting, After the initial tutorial it is very easy to level up fast and hit a nice level quite quickly and effortlessly.
    Now things go great in this game right up until you hit a certain set of dungeons. From this point on the game becomes nothing but a tedious and largely unrewarding grind to get either Strong magatamas weapon recipes or elite skills. Because what happens is the monsters become resistant to everything apart from what element they are weak to. So all iam saying is if your into this game for the long haul expect to waste literally hours farming the same dungeon for materials that have drop rates as low as 0.05% and that's at the hell ranking of the dungeon. Its even lower on normal and hard. Now there are two main issues i have with this game, The first is if you dont have alot of free income to waste in the gacha rip off nyankoropon then i wouldn't bother seriously getting into this game. If you wanna go Pro you will be expected to drop anywhere between 200 dollars and up just so you can complete the higher level dungeons and buy the latest vanguard or mount. Which isnt so much as helpful but essential! If you choose not to spend money\arent lucky and get nothing then you can look forward to asking some snotty rich kid to carry you through those dungeons and bosses.
    Once you hit around 115 the grind in this game becomes ridiculous! And if you dont buy or win exp boosters your gonna struggle to to get anywhere higher than that level. also any of the weapons in the game worth getting are grind till you bleed affairs ive played j rpgs for years i dont mind farming for items but onigiri expect you to give your very soul just to get one measly material or recipe. The other issue i have is the Dc,s! Oh dear the disconnects or game crashes/freezes are real! Get used to grinding the same dungeon for weeks for 1 thing or another, Half the reason it takes so long is because the materials required become dungeon rewards/super rare boss drops. Sooo.. When you've dcd for 100th time that day just going into the boss and this happens as frequently as every other run once you have more than 3 people,
    Also certain boss reward dungeons are pretty much impossible right now simply because the servers lag so badly that you will die in dungeons just trying to change weapons, being delayed using healing items or completely unaware what even killed you!
    Finally the Community in this game I'd say is like this it's very click orientated there are alot of trollz and just people who think they are hilarious and like to mess with people but basically this is how i see things, there are people in this game that just literally want you to do everything for them they don't want to bother trying to progress on their own instead opting to be carried through literally every dungeon. Then theres the high levels/elites good luck getting most of these guys to help you out most of them are arrogant stuck up rich kids who pretty much payed their way to the top if you have alot of money to spend on this game your good if you don't though its a real grind for basically everything.
    So to summarize in the short term this game is great but if your looking to get seriously invested i have warned you as to what you will face. #Onilife XD
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  2. 3.5



    A charming anime game with high intensity action combat.

    One day, when I was looking for games to play, I poked around, and I saw this game. The graphics weren't the greatest, but something about it caught my eye. Then, I actually started playing it. I've logged many hours into the game, and enjoyed every minute of it. I'll try to be thorough but concise with my review.

    The story is told through japanese dubbed, english subbed cutscenes, as well as the usual quests. It begins with you, an Oni in the city of Onigashima, in the training grounds, when suddenly a dark spirit attacks a girl nearby. You run to go and help her. She reveals, after the first boss, that she is Lady Shizuka, a wandering noblewoman, and that the creature that attacked her was a dark being called a Kamikui. They corrupt nearby Yokai, or spirits, and make them violent. You return to the city, and begin your journey after evacuating a nearby village, and passing a trial.
    I haven't beaten the game yet, but I'm about midway through. So far, the story is interesting, and the characters you meet all have their own charm. Whether it be the cheerful merchant Miroku, or the tsundere bodyguard, Lady Yoshitsune, you'll always have someone to watch your back. I find myself eagerly awaiting the next character I'm bound to meet.
    I'd give the story an 8/10. It's well written, comedic at the right times and serious at the right times.

    The graphics are a bit...simple, but it's good enough. Some areas are actually very pretty, and the game in general is very vibrant and colorful. The character designs, while clinging to certain archetypes, are still unique in their own ways, and the Yokai you meet have alot of diversity. It varies everywhere between a floating sheet with eyes, or a kappa, or even a giant crab with a manly beard that stunlocks you into oblivion, or even just a bush with a beak. I'd give the graphics a 7/10.

    The sound quality is very high, and even though the music is repetitive and at times grating, the soundtrack sounds good. It is very....Traditional Japanese. To be honest though, I normally mute the music and put on my own music instead. The sound effects are fitting, strikes are satisfying. The voice acting is good from what I can tell, but it's in Japanese so I don't know for sure. 7/10, thorough and well executed.

    Now for the most important part of the review. The gameplay.
    Okay, so you see how in most MMOs, you have your armor, and then you have your weapons? Well, in this game, you have your weapons, your costume, and your 'Magitama'. The magitama are status boosting talismans that provide different effects, whether it be increasing magical and physical defense, or boosting, say, your skill with swords. You can equip 4 at once. Most people from what I see normally equip 3 for raising defenses, and one special one for raising weapon affinity, or whatever else they have in mind.
    Instead of classes, your playstyle changes depending on what weapon you decide to use. Weapons also have durability, and you can equip up to four at a time.
    There are eight weapon categories:
    Sword, which is the standard one-handed sword. Balanced gameplay, stats, and skills. A good, safe weapon.

    Odachi, which are basically your greatswords and giant katanas. Slower than swords, but quicker than axes. Very powerful. Scales with Power, the attack stat.

    Axes, which sacrifice slow speed for the highest power in the game. It takes a bit of skill to use them properly though, and timing and positioning is key. Scales with Power.

    Spears, which are all-around like swords, but normally used in more defensive playstyles due to their long reach. Very dependent on skills to dish out high damage, but high survivability. Scales with Vitality.

    Twin Swords, which sacrifice damage per hit for a high frequency of attacks and high critical rate. Very dangerous, for both the user and the enemy, due to their short reach. Be careful, because like the axe, positioning, timing, and dodging and blocking are key to surviving with these. Scales with Dexterity.

    Bows, which are your usual ranged physical weapons. Has a range of around 14 meters from what I've tested, while most skills have a range of around 10. A very safe weapon with high damage, high critical rate, and high critical damage. Just dodge enemy projectiles, return a volley of your own, and most importantly of all, keep an eye on your durability. Scales with Dexterity.

    Staffs, which are for your supportive playstyles. They have physical attacks in which they are used like short polearms, but they have low damage. Their real use comes in the magic you can use them to cast. You can damage your enemies, recharge your mana while blocking by pressing shift at the cost of durability, buff allies, and debuff enemies. Scales with Mind.

    And Wands, which are the usual mage weapons. High magical ranged damage, powerful AOES and the like. You cannot block using a wand though, so be wary. Shift can be held to recover mana, like it does on the staff. Scales with Wisdom.

    Alright, now that I've completed this needlessly long but hopefully helpful list of weapons, I will address the other areas of gameplay. It takes place in 3 basic sections. You have your cities, your overworlds, and your instance based dungeons. A party can have up to 5 people at once, but remember that more enemies come when you have more party members. Each dungeon has 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Hell. They get progressively more dangerous but with higher exp and loot rewards. There is also a liquor system, which lets you carry around containers with drinks in them. Each drink has a different effect, from stat boosts to hp recovery. Be wary not to get drunk though, because it brings negative debuffs. It has very well-done gameplay. The only negative part to the gameplay that I see, though, is that some of the enemies are...overpowered for their levels. For example, an ice hag that tends to come in groups, and that can stunlock you and kill you in only one attack. That one attack hits multiple times, and it hits hard. Another example is the crab that I previously mentioned. It is giant, has large range, attacks very quickly, and deals a high amount of damage per hit. Enemy scaling needs to be toned down a bit, in my opinion. They recently nerfed the difficulty of solo play, but even now it's still nearly impossible at higher levels due to the fact that a simple screwup means death. Although you have revives, you only have 3 per dungeon, and each time you die your dungeon score goes down. You can revive using items called Soul Eggs, which do not affect your score, but it's easy to run out. At least you get plenty by doing quests and from login rewards. You can also buy them for the premium currency, Onigiri Coins, which is 10 OC for one egg if i recall correctly. You can get OC from login rewards, and from vending to players. Despite this, the game isn't pay to win. You can buy cosmetics and things that make the game easier, but none are required to play the game normally. It's more of a fairly balanced 'pay for convenience' sort of thing.
    Gameplay is a solid 8/10

    Altogether, I would give the game a 7.5/10. I would definitely recommend it, and you should go and check it out.
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  3. 4.0



    I wish there were EU servers

    Game is quite good. Graphics are nice, for those, who are not dislike "anime"-style (but I don't know, why those, who don't like this style will look at this game).
    This game combines open world and instance-based game-play. You have open space around the city, where you can find weak monsters, good for beginners. And you have instances, like caves or special places, where you can get only in party - if you go solo, noone will be able to join and broke your play. That's quite good for those, who prefer solo gameplay or have constant party, so he can enjoy team-play with his friends without worry that some other guy will come to mess the things up.
    Onigiri has nice story-line and bunch of support NPC characters, each with their own features. You can talk with them, gift them presents and increase their affection - this will unlock their unique abilities and services (like craft and so on).
    Game is free, have decent system requirements and for those, who don't mind some lag (if you live in EU, you need to be ready for this) it's quite a good game to spend time.
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  4. Ryuknight



    onigiri it!!

    i just love playing this game had it on my ps4 before it quit on me will def be re-downloading when i get a new ps4 :D
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