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    Decent game, Slow pace

    Everything seems to be locked at a very slow pace, unlocking heroes etc. I played both orcs must die games and enjoyed them very much, so I do appreciate the idea behind this and I am keeping an open mind that It is still in beta. Visually I give it a 2.5 of 5 for what it is, gameplay a 3/5. I still have high hopes for this and will continue to review as the game progresses.
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  2. Xencur



    Better read this before giving it a try.

    Part 1:
    How To Kill A Potentially Good Game (For Dummies):
    - Make a potentially good game.
    - Give the publishing rights to Gameforge.
    - Done!

    I mean, let's take a look at some of the games that Gameforge ruined:
    - Aion EU (utterly dead)
    - Tera EU (completely dead)
    - Soldier Front 2 EU (a.k.a. "S.K.I.L.L., although the only skill you need for that game is a wallet)
    - Raiderz EU (shut down)
    - Mythos (shut down)
    - Katsuro: Path of Honor (shut down)
    - Hellbreed (shut down)
    ... the list goes on ...

    Why would ANYONE in their right mind allow Gameforge to publish their game?! Gameforge is known as the WORST European publisher. No one does business with them anymore and they're close to filing for bankruptcy. They already closed their location in Berlin. Why would you do that, Robot Entertainment?

    It could have been a great game...

    Part 2:
    Since some lovely folks commented that they would REALLY (real-time executive realness) want me to review the game itself, and not its publisher, here you go:

    - Great voice acting. They way they went with it (overly sarcastic) could have ended up being cringy, like the one in Wildstar, but instead, they did a good job with it.
    - Good animations. The game feels like it's polished and well executed.
    - Short queues and loading screens.
    - Interesting tower defence gameplay (as far as the Survival mode goes).
    - Character development and a crafting system.
    - Runs great on a high-end laptop.

    - Poorly optimized for computers that are supposed to be able to run the game on its minimal settings.
    - Can get repetitive quite fast and quite a lot.
    - Grinding for materials can be tedious.
    - The Siege mode needs a lot of work. It is nowhere near as polished as the Survival mode.
    - The Survival mode can be too short at the early levels.
    - The developer decided to give the game to the worst publisher in Europe, and probably even the world. I mean, even EA isn't that bad anymore. I guess Gameforge could compete against Webzen for the first place.
    - You are able to buy almost everything with real cash, and if you don't want to, you better prepare for a long grind.
    - Did I mention how stupid the decision to give the publishing rights to Gameforge was? I think I did, but oh well...
    - The game is basically a cash shop oriented version of OMD! 2.

    There you go! You're welcome.

    P.S.: Needless to say, I won't be spending a dime on this game, as long as Failforge gets a cut. I encourage everyone to do the same. Robot Entertainment might get their heads out of their... (you got the point)... and change the publisher before it's too late for the game.
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