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  1. arkadiusz.falgowski97



    Simply addictive - if you are into trains

    Hey, welcome!
    Is this the game you want to play?
    It might seem amazing at first, well it is amazing.
    I have personally played it for 4 days straight.
    I had fun playing, I really did. It had all I wanted in a game at that time, a small break from reality with lots of enjoyable real life experience about train stations. You have to discover it by yourself tho. ^-^
    If I had someone to play with I would not be writing this review right now, most likely would be eating some crisps and enjoying youtube and the game in mean while. This game is pure evil, I enjoyed it hell of a lot. :P
    I stopped playing this game when I heard that my friend begin playing other browser game and I simply forgot about it. At least that's what I am trying to tell myself , hehe :D. I could speak more about but there is no points, have a go at it. Have fun and enjoy!
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