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  1. Xencur



    Give it a shot if you like...

    I took my time with the game and I like what I see.
    I'll list the positives and negatives.

    + The gameplay is smooth and enjoyable
    + Most vehicles control well and it takes only a few moments to get used to them
    + Teamwork is encouraged
    + The game is not won by kills but by completing the objectives
    + Runs on old and new computers
    + A free game to play that is actually good
    + Not pay to win
    + Give a taste of the abilities enabled in the game (airstrikes are the best)
    + Almost no lag
    + Has a transition between first person and third person
    + Only about 1gb download

    - The points system is ridiculous for prices of different weapons, abilities, etc.
    - The majority of unlockables need some serious time investment (like 3 hours just for a different class)
    - Vehicles are locked with no transport helicopters available at all
    - The community doesn't interact well (may change in the future)
    - Game glitches, has bugs and may crash
    - Not many people playing at the moment
    - Maps are locked
    - Mediocre graphics

    It may be mediocre in the graphics department but the game certainly has some good gameplay, interesting vehicles and an enjoyable experience.
    I will edit this to a recommendation if they decide to be easier with the advancement as I can't recommend playing this game for so long when there is barely any reward in doing so.
    It would have fared better with a pay model rather than being free to play in my opinion.

    If you want a free game to satisfy that new FPS urge, this isn't as fast paced as COD, MOH or BF so it will not be for you.
    If you're a fan of the older type of BF and shooters, this is a good appetizer.
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  2. 2.5



    solid game

    Red Crucible Firestorm adds acspects from games like Call Of Duty or Battlefield. It has many guns to use and has a solid 6 maps to play on. If you have high ping I recommend lowering the graphic detail. Graphics do not matter too much. There are a good 4 classes ( Not counting vehicles) and lots of gamemodes to play on.
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