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    Reboot of a 2012 Game

    So, I played the original game (The Secret World, TSW) and I migrated over to the new one which was just Recently released. It is currently due out on Steam on July 30th (I believe).
    My opinions on the game may be slightly Biased, as I am one of the original TSW Lifetime subscriptions that bought in before the game even released.


    -The graphics are a bit dated, and the optimization is not the best.
    +This being said, the graphics do fit the intended style for the game.

    +The gameplay has been simplified from the original TSW, and the skill trees are less complicated
    +The quest lines now tie into each other better, and there is less down-time running around to get quests. Not perfect, but better.
    +Everything in the game can be gotten without paying for anything (currently). It is a question of Time or Money. There is an exchange that allows the trade of Premium currency for Challenge currency.
    -The targeting system has been changed from a Tab-to-target to a more First-person-shooter style of targeting.
    -Funcom has filled the game with micro-transactions. Not in as much pay-2-win but.... not exactly good in my opinion. This is offset by the exchange, but it is still bothersome.

    +This is where the game shines. This may change due to the F2P model that they are going with. However, there is a large established community that migrated over from the original that can and does answer questions.
    -It is Free-toPlay.... which likely will mean that there will be problematic people incoming to the game. They are not prevalent, but they are there.

    Good game, and hopefully it will survive going F2P.
    Give it a try.
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