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    Build your own army

    I've played Supernova through alpha, and I can say, that this game is very, very nice. Yes, it's a MOBA (popular thread nowadays), but with nice feature of army management.

    First of all, there your Line is really important. Your position on the rooster are determines your line in game. How? Because your army - right, your minions! - are spawned from certain point and will walk/fly/crawl on your line (not where you are now, but your starting line).
    So, main difference of Supernova is army management.
    You can see statistics on what kind of troops your enemy uses, and how to counter them (some of your troops are good against infantry, or vehicles, or against certain units). You choose, on what you need to spend your earned cache - on your own upgrades, on your army upgrades or on your troops. Your army spawns with certain delays, so you need to keep that in mind. If you made some changes on your army, your next wave will spawn with these changes. Also, you have limit on your army, and every troop has its own amount of points. Like infantry 1-3 points, vehicles 3-7, so on. Keep in mind, that you need certain base upgrades to be able to build certain troops, like adding modules or branches to your factory =).
    Second differences, that your heroes - Commanders - have their own types and it determines their stats. And it's very important. Because your hero receives some stat points each lvl up, and can distribute them between different stats - but these stats have limits. And you can increase these limits with modifications - you can call them items, but you can't sell them, if you don't like them. These modifications give you some bonus stats or abilities - and increase limits for some stats by few points. So you can invest in certain stat more points.

    Third difference is active abilities of your faction. They are similar to Summoner's spells in LOL, but you can have 3 of them (one for vision) and you can't freely choose them. These abilities are coming from factions, and you can't have 2 active abilities from the same faction. Like, you can choose laser beam or peacemaker rocket, not both of them in the same time. A lot of these abilities can be activated even when your commander is dead - and on the whole map. So you can drop healing pod for your ally, or blow up some minions who are trying to destroy your turret.
    Fourth difference is turrets =) You have not turrets in the common sense of this word, but some bunkers with flying guardian ship, that shoots on enemies. And these bunkers have healing zone around them, so you can heal (slowly, of course) near them. Well, really near them - this zone not so big =)
    Fifth one is your army side. You can choose Cyborg or Human army side, and this will determine two things: your troops and your travel methods. Your troops - because troops are based on the side, humans have infantry and vehicles, cyborgs have drones and machinery. Humans use rockets and guns, cyborgs - lasers and teleporters. The same for transporting method. While you can come back to base anytime, you still have on option of fast travel to the field, and this option is different for Humans and Cyborgs. Cyborgs channel for some time and then teleported to the target unit (very important! Only unit, and this unit will stop moving or attacking). Same thing for coming back - your Commander channels for some time (like 3 seconds) - and he's back. Very important - you CAN'T move while channeling, or it will fail.
    Humans, in the other hand, haven't such fast method. They have to wait longer, and take flight to the position. But! While waiting for come back, you need to stay in large area, where you can freely move and attack others, waiting for your carrier. And when travelling back to battlefield, you can travel to any point on the map, that you can see. Right, you don't need any minions, only location. It may be not so big deal for you, but these differences make significant effects on the gameplay in common and your gameplay in particular.

    So, now about your army: you can improve your troops with specials bonuses (like runes in LoL), but for certain troops. And yes, you need to choose specific loadout of your troops. You can't take ALL of your available troops in battle - you need to choose certain units. You can choose to main infantry if you planning to be on the side lanes, where your ally can complement them with vehicles, can master cloack, or heavy mechs. And install augments, that can increase power/speed/healing when you or allied Commander are near them. Or damage to enemy commanders. Or damage to enemy towers. Or more health. Or more speed. It's up to you. Every unit slot have 3 places for such augments, so you have a lot of variables how to build your own perfect army.

    Now, on the setting. Setting of the game is pure Sci-Fy. You have humans in mechas, cyborgs and native species, lizard-like and not very. In my opinions, it's pretty awesome and kinda fresh - mostly MOBAs are based on fantasy-style.

    I can told you more about jungles (mines, prison and so on), about different abilities and synergies between troops, Commanders and armies. Can tell you about main superior crafts for Human and Cyborg armies, about skins for armies and Commanders... But it's better to see it with your own eyes. Just try it. It worth every minute I've spend in the game.
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    Supernova is a sci-fi themed MOBA that intends on bringing the MOBA genre back to its RTS roots with players being able to heavily influence creep waves. Players can spend in-game currency on upgrading their creeps, adding new spawns, and more. This adds a new element of strategy to the genre and will require players to adapt their own creeps to counter their opponents while still battling it out in traditional MOBA fashion.

    Supernova Key Features:

    Traditional MOBA Gameplay - The core gameplay in Supernova is similar to MOBAs like League of Legends & DotA. Commanders have 3 Abilities (QWE hotkeys) + and Ult (R hotkey).
    Unique Creep System - Players control what kind of minions / creeps spawn in-lane by spending in-game money on creep upgrades.
    Commander Customization - Commanders can be customized outside the game with various enhancements, think Runes from League of Legends.
    No Items - Like Heroes of the Storm, Supernova doesn't have items. Instead, players can upgrade various stats and unlock passives.
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