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  1. Razeluxe



    Well here it is!

    Ok here is my second review.This is gonna be a short one. This review is a bout Time Of Dragons. A relatively new but good and fun game to play.Its a third person air born shooter based around DRAGONS! I like the concept I like the game play and the game has so much potential! At first it bothered me that the dragons were using lasers and technological weapons but I got used to it and now I am having a BLAST playing it...LITERALLY. I just see so much potential in this game.And it would be nice if people or a game company endorsed it...if that's even possible...For now you're only able to fly,shoot,pick some weapons and utilities,and use special abilities as a dragon.There are a lot of great maps in this game and I would like to highly encourage adding the walking and swimming element in the game(since some dragons don't even have legs they obviously were made to swim then right?) maybe even a sneaking or crouch or even better! DIG UNDERGROUND ELEMENT! Like there is so much potential for the game! For now there are only 2 or 3 game modes to play DM,TDM and I forgot the third one if it even exists...I had so much fun playing it I only went for DM because I was always in the 1st place...not to brag but its true.I can't stress enough of how much potential this game has and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ENDORSING IT BEFORE IT HITS THE DUST like most experimental games.... I think this is going to by my last review.I mean I could talk about millions of games I played...from flash to downloadable games but...I will leave those game options up for other people to review them.But we will see...If another great game I enjoyed comes to my mind...Be sure to check for my third post ;)! I am giving the graphics a 2.5 even if I think they are around a 3 star rating,the game play I am giving a 4 even If I think it deserves a 4.5 and the community is getting a 5 star since there is no big community yet and there is no negativity yet!
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