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    I like the game and it is a good game but it has many problems

    1.) If you do pick up this game make sure to learn about classes, builds, and exp walls. Many people end up wasting their time and end up rerolling. So study before you even make a character.

    2.) There are a lot of bugs and lag issues.

    3.) There are always bot spammers selling gold etc. I assume they use numbers just to show their dominance and persistence.

    4.) Trade/Market restricions. Well first off you are going to want a token if you plan on using the market. Hell I'd go as far to say you want a token to play this game. Back to the point you can't trade gold, and your market will be limited to 1 item for sale with a 30% commission if your f2p... dat tax doe. The developers try very hard to limit the bots/goldsellers but it has only ended up hurting the players gaming experience.

    5.) The game is pretty fun, there is much content, too much to do, the graphics are good, the soundtrack is amazing. The pvp is good, dungeuns are good, the game has elevators need to use them to get from one area to another, so if your connection is not good, you're going to have several problems with them.

    Various problems have already been solved, thousands of bots have already been banned, but the game still has many problems that are being solved gradually. Anythig problems would let me play the game and also because I bought early access. I would say that the game is pay2win!
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