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    Voyage century - story of failure

    Game itself is amazing and i really enjoyed playing it for years, but IGG is one of the worst companies that existed in the world.
    They overcharge for item mall, when they get new update from developer, they remove everything they can and force you to buy it from item mall, they blatantly reduced drop rate while advertising silver coin chests in item mall... list goes on and on...
    chinese version of this game and one for US market that was published by IGG are so different that it's almost different game. Also, update that comes to china as 1 update was split into 4 pieces by IGG so that they can make more money out of it by enabling certain game mechanics only in boxes that can be opened, yeah you guessed it, with key bought from item mall.
    New update comes in game pretty much every 2 years, every bug that can be used to make silver in game is fixed instantly, while game still has tons of bugs that exist from first versions...
    Its a shame really with normal publisher this could've been great game
    So overall, don't even bother to go there since game has 4 servers of which 3 have like 20 people in total still playing.
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