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    A side scroller that is great at not accomplishing much.

    I played Warside in beta before it hit steam then afterwards to see how it has progressed. The graphics are somehwat stylish yet simple which is a nice mix to see in a 2d side scroller. I've always been a fan of unique side scrollers. This game is unique to a degree.

    Warside offers a nice mix of pvp and pve fun. It doesn't force you to pvp (I know how some people feel about being forced to pvp to progress). It has a base class system (like all mmorpgs) nothing amazing nor detailed. Just basically dps, healer, tank like all mmorpgs.

    The customization for each of the classes is bare, unoriginal, lacks a good amount of creativity (They obviously focused on the game mechanics rather then the looks of the characters initially). The game makes up for the poor customization once you get into a game room (It is lobby based). The combat is fast paced and requires that you play with other players (It is challenging right off the bat).

    The unique aspect of the combat is the movement and being able to double jump bounce and flip around. Its a shooter so most of the time you are engaged in fast paced combat with other players (Its surprisingly balanced to start with but becomes more and more unbalanced as the game progresses on in both PvE and PvP).

    The community... close to the toxicness of a Moba community (A lot of trolls, "salty" players, etc). It's even to the point where players would rather get that kill on the boss in PvE rather than help a teammate. This was a major turn off for me, which lead me to play the game on and off. The GMs weren't exactly helpful to start with when it launched but they got better... kind of.

    The customization for guns was alot more then I expected for the kind of game they are offering. There is a decent sized amount of weapons to choose from for your character.

    (I'm not going to go detailed into the skill system its fairly generic nothing that stands out).

    The PvP is team based you can't exactly solo it so you have to work together with your team (Which in theory is awesome). What ends up happening is more or less you will be paired with players who don't care about their teammates but just want to get the kills (again very Moba like).

    In all do I recommend this game? It depends on what kind of player you are. If you enjoy side scroller-mmorpgs and have friends to play with then yes I would suggest you try this game. If you don't exactly have anyone to play this with I wouldn't suggest it due to the community.

    The score I would give it on a scale of 1-10 is a 6. (That is being generous)
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