When Riders of Icarus’s next update lands on September 29th, it’ll include some changes to the game’s PvP, notably the Manastone Battles. Because they’ve been exploited to hell and back, Alliances are being temporarily dissolved.

Manastone Battles were supposed to be a competitive environment where guilds would ally up and go to war with other alliances so that only the strong would survive, but like the case in many MMOs, players will take the fastest path to loot and rewards. The shortest path here is for alliances to “buddy up” and trade wins so that all players can reap the benefits with minimal effort.

While Nexon and WeMade Entertainment implement some sweeping changes to the game mode (that will probably take some time) the September 29th update will temporarily remove alliances from game. This way, players won’t be able to buddy up nearly as easily and trade wins. They’ll be forced to achieve victory the old fashioned way.

To further support this change, militias will also be buffed in the same patch. That way smaller guilds can actually compete against the big ones, and to help combat the exploiters, all players will have the option to rent comparable pvp gear in order to give them a fighting chance. Perhaps more stern penalties are in order, but those haven’t been announced or detailed in any way, but at least the developers are working to make PvP in Riders of Icarus a fair environment.

Read the full letter from the producer at the main site.

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