It is no secret to any fans and players of Nexon America and WeMade’s newest MMORPG Riders of Icarus that misconduct has riddled the game for a long time. For many, you’ve likely experienced some degree of bots, whether it be for spamming, gameplay cheating like farming, or even hackers. Some degree of this behavior has likely reached your viewing or gameplay experience with Riders of Icarus, and things are being done about it.

This has left the development team in a tough spot, fighting an uphill battle as a newer game not yet prepared/equipped to deal with such threats, until (hopefully) beginning now.

For Riders of Icarus no one is pretending there’s some miracle fix around a single corner, but they will be releasing a weekly update on their upgraded and extended fight with these issues, including the addition of new monitors for this type of behavior within the game.

Through this vigilance, proactivity, and regularity, Riders of Icarus hopes to start a movement to remove significant portions of these roadblocks, and with any luck will be able to improve player experience in having to deal with these cheaters in a not so distant way. In fact, the game has even gone to the lengths of extra monitoring and restrictions on its chat systems, which although they may seem fruitless at first, might just be one of the many weapons needed to combat these issues moving forward, as it is something that manages to plague many games of this type seemingly regardless of scale and prevention.

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