A few days ago, both ArcheAge and Rift experienced some server outages preventing many players from logging into either game.

Publisher Trion Worlds had this all sorted out within a fair amount of time (but not fair enough to be instant), and in order to make it right with their community, they’re giving anyone who logged on between November 9th and November 22nd – and have Patron status – five days of game time.

On top of that, Rift players can expect to find a gift bundle containing 100 affinity. That can be found in the top-right corner of the Rift store page.

ArcheAge players receive something a little more festive, a permanent cosmetic Turkey cleverly named Drumstick. Oh, and they also get 1 Login Badge, representing 21 days of logging in.

You can claim those rewards at the Archage site.

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