A couple months ago, Trion released a new kind off RIFT server: Prime. In this progression environment, the game is meant to mirror how it felt when Rift first came out.

RIFT Prime will not be an exact copy of launch RIFT, and certain features that were added to RIFT to expand gameplay or improve quality of life will be available from day one. These include: Dimensions, Looking for Group, Looking for Raid, current Warfronts, and Wardrobes.

The only caveat is that players who were interested in the Prime server must have Patron status.

Here we are, a few months later, and there’s a new type of test server is out: Omega. This environment is specifically meant to test changes for the Prime server before it goes out. This will foster feedback from the community and hopefully make Prime a much better place to level.

The server is now live, and you can read more about it and the first batch of balance changes on the official site.

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