Whoops. Seems as though Trion did not properly do their research before bestowing the name Starfall Prophecy onto their Rift expansion. As it turns out, there’s a children’s education charity called the Starfall Education Foundation. Trion simply wanted to ensure that nobody got the two mixed up, or thought that they were related.

So from here on out, update 4.0 for Rift will be known as Prophecy of Ahnket. The good times don’t end there. Trion is also giving anyone who logs into Rift anytime between now and the 14th a free copy of the expansion. Just log into the game, claim it, and go go go.

People who already bought the expansion aren’t being completely left out in the rain, either. Anyone who logs into the game this weekend also gets a nice gift package, containing:

  • 2 Tenebrean Engines (this will help progress your Eternal Item quest)
  • 100 Phenomenal Sparkles  (Patron-only quest items that help you earn a piece of high level gear every month)
  • 10 Individual Reward Charges (used to claim great gear drops in our raids)
  • 1 White Deer Companion Pet (ok, so she doesn’t have any stats… we can all appreciate the beauty in life!)
  • 1 Random Puzzle Box Dimension Item (for your Telaran home)

Follow these links to read more about the free weekend as well as the name change.

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