Riot has basically been a one-trick pony for almost a decade now. League of Legends has been their thing, and though they’ve had a few small sideprojects here and there, they’ve yet to make anything rivaling the scope of League.

But that might be soon (relatively) to change.

For a while now, Riot’s been hinting at the fact that they’d like to try their hand at something else. There hasn’t really been any hints or anything toward what that might be, but this week, the co-founder of Riot took to Twitter to ask a simple question:

Of course, this is about as far from an announcement as you can get while still being newsworthy, but it at least shows that Riot is gauging the waters to see what they might be interested in working on, and if the response from replies is anything to go by, most people are certainly interested in the idea.

Given that the purported MMO isn’t even in development yet, and MMOs can take years to create, see you in 2023, I guess!

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