A while back, roughly three years to be exact, Riot picked up a little developer by the name of Radiant Entertainment. At the time, that developer had just begun work on a streamlined fighting game by the name of Rising Thunder. Upon their acquisition, Radiant canceled Rising Thunder and went to work on an unannounced title for Riot.

Of course, being that their first and only game was a fighting game, it was pretty much assumed that the unannounced title would be a fighting game. How it tied into League of Legends remained to be seen. For the past three years, however, mum’s been in the word on Riot’s unannounced title.

Until this week, that is. All the fighting game aficionados are well aware that this weekend is Evo, the big fighting game exposition. Some of those former Radiant developers who now work for Riot were at a panel at the show in which they announced that they were in fact still working on a fighting game, but they wouldn’t say much else about the project.

You can watch the Twitch clip below.


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