Runes of Magic is, from what I can remember, one of the first unabashed WoW clones, an opinion I’m basing solely on the look of the game, as well as the few hours I spent with it back in the day.

I’d say that I’m surprised that they didn’t need to merge servers until now (after eight years) but if there were previous server mergers at some point in the long-ago time, then I’m wholly unaware.

Still, though, expect to find the British, Polish, German, and US servers to consolidate as follows:

  • EN
    • Aurora + Agenor
  • DE
    • Tuath + Muinin
    • Laoch + Riocht
    • Aontacht + Maidin
    • Ionsai + Draiochta + Dochas
  • PL
    • Cath + Vesna
  • US
    • Mithras + Erebos

The merges should happen later this month. Till then, you can find some info here, with more coming in the future.

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