Any online game that’s been out for more than six weeks has probably had accounts banned for various infractions. Normally, those accounts sit dormant, forever collecting dust in a virtual locker, but Jagex, creators of fifteen-year-old Runescape, has decided to do something interesting instead.

They’re still working out the details, but sooner (or later) players will have the chance to bid on these banned accounts and claim what’s inside. There’s a small catch, however: the bids are blind. Players won’t know prior to placing their bids and winning the auction what’s contained in these banned accounts. It could be veritable riches, or lots of junk. Jagex, admittedly inspired by Storage Wars, revealed the upcoming feature at Runefest this weekend.

The bids won’t be completely blind, though. Jagex will reveal a few small details about the account so that players have a better idea what might be won and whether it’ll be worth the effort. Expect to perhaps know what the banned player liked to do in Runescape or the account’s age, or maybe even banned player’s skill level. Jagex may also allow bidders to know when the account was banned.

The system might not be one based on bidding at all. There’s also the possibility that it’ll use raffle tickets instead. As I said, the details are still being worked out. But it seems pretty certain that when all is said and done, Runescape players might be able to walk away with untold treasures… or piles of junk.

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