From October 14th to the 28th, Jagex will be unleashing zombies onto the unsuspecting inhabitants of Runescape in a new game mode.

Dimension of the Damned (which sounds like the next zombie film Romero would’ve made had he lived long enough to do it) will take players to a place overrun by zombies. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. You’ll be arriving there with fully maxed accounts and will be free to lay waste to the undead.

But what would such an event be without rewards? And rewards you shall have. For each zombie killed (or boss defeated in 10-man raids), you’ll gain a point, and those points can be exchanged for loot boxes. What’s in those loot boxes? Why it’s items that allow you to earn even more point. Those who top out the leaderboard will get an invite to an end-game event on the 28th of October.

What is this endgame event? Why, it’s a battle royale, of course. Why would it be anything else? You’ll have to compete with other players, and there’s permadeath. Plus a gradually shrinking playable area. Rather than the normal battle royale experience, Runescape’s will be a more prolonged, lasting a few hours, but those who come out on top will get prizes galore.

You can read more about this as well as some other upcoming content on the official site.

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