We all know what everyone who plays Warframe really wants, and it’s giant spaceships to fly and do battle in, as well as some sexy graphical updates to go along with it. But that’s still not due out for another few months, and it’s not like the game’s going dark in the interim. No, not at all. In fact, it’s saying hello to a Saint, the Saint of Altra.

The update brings to the game a brand new warframe, and updated Disruption Mode, and of course, there’s also plenty of loot to acquire.

The new warframe, Gauss, is a momentum-based character that performs well as long as he keeps moving, which is certainly reminiscent of a certain blue hedgehog. Disruption is also receiving new tilesets/missions, challenges, and of course, rewards. And finally, you’ve got the loot.

Check out the full update page for more.

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