Team Allods revealed some information about Skyforge’s upcoming expansion, Ascension, due out this fall, and if what they’re saying is any indication, some exciting changes are in store.

Not only will the classes themselves be easier to earn, but progression will be simplified in an effort to make it more difficult to mess up when building your character. All of the passives and symbols that you will likely want will be neatly grouped together so that you can pick them without fail.

As for character unlocking, instead of progressing through the Ascension Atlas, you can now simply a visit a classes temple after unlocking them by doing some group quests (with friends).

Strongholds, a new special building, are now the way in which you boost your characters stats. Complete each region, do a few quests, unlock the stronghold, and then profit.

That’s really just the tip of the Ascension iceberg. The expansion seems to be shaking up Skyforge in some massive ways. It’ll be interesting to see how it all feels once the update rolls out in the fall.

Till then, keep your eyes peeled here for any more info, and check out the Skyforge site for a full overview of all these changes.

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