Following in the wake of a 2-week early access period, Allod’s and’s Skyforge is now live on the PS4, for real-real.

The game is free-to-play, but like any good free-to-play game, there are packs to buy. Three such items are available to coincide with the launch:

Eli’s Chosen Immortal Starter Pack — $7.99

  • Exclusive Hornscute Mount
  • 200,000 Credits
  • 14 days of Premium Subscription
  • 6,000 Argents
  • 5,000 Knowledge of Enemies

Loremaster Pack — $11.99

  • Access to all episodes of the Season 1 storyline
  • Exclusive Golden Griffin mount
  • Exclusive “Cube” companion
  • Exclusive Golden Templar Armor
  • Regeneration Substrate x50

Collector’s Pack — The page for this one is currently down so I’m unsure of the price

  • Unlocks for the “Knight” and Alchemist” classes
  • Exclusive Moa mount
  • Exclusive Night Squad costume
  • 40,000 Argents
  • 30 days of Premium Subscription
  • 400,000 Credits
  • 10,000 Knowledge of Enemies

Head on to the PS4 site to download the game, or to buy one of those swanky release packs.

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