Ascension, the latest update, nay expansion, for Allods Team’s sci-fi/fantasy MMO, Skyforge is now live. The expansion brings to Skyforge myriad additions, including The Outlaw playable class – featured in the cinematic trailer above – and a demo of the game’s new political system, the Council of Gods. That will allow players to vote for who’ll lead the universe, so to speak.  Allods has selected a lineup of 12 candidates of game characters, and when players log on, they’ll receive a ballot, and democracy will be put to the test. I’m not sure what they mean by “demo.” I guess the Council of Gods will be expanded as time goes on.

There’s also a new boss on the planet of Aelion, Tol-Monter, the avatar of the great god of the Oceanids. Allods has an entire article about what that’s all about.

And for everything else Ascension is about, there’s also a nifty hub with all the information you could ever want.


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